Read these instructions before the ride.

Your Bike and Kit

  • You need to ensure your bike is in good order including brakes, gears and tyres. You are advised to carry 2 spare inner tubes, some basic tools and a pump, water, and energy snacks.

  • It is a requirement for ALL riders to wear a helmet.

  • Wear clothing that is suitable for the weather on the day which is highly visible.


Cycling in the event

  • Ride in single file. If you ride 2 abreast, only do so when it safe.

  • Do not follow other cyclists too closely. Keep your distance.

  • Respect other road users. Follow the Highway Code, road traffic laws apply including.

  • Obey any instructions giving by marshals, police or event staff.

  • This is not a race, anybody seen racing will be asked to leave the event.

  • Take care when riding downhill.

  • Do not wear headphones or make telephone calls while riding.

  • Watch out for hidden bends and potholes.

  • If you feel ill, do not continue, stop and call for help.

  • There will be marshals along the route at certain junctions.

  • Cross roads only when you think it is safe to do so.

  • Do not drop litter on route. There will be bins at the refreshment stop.

  • Do not drink alcohol during the ride.


Check out at the Finish

When you have completed your ride, “check-out” before you take refreshments. We want to be able to ensure everybody gets back safely. Go to the desk and provide your name and rider’s number. If you would like a finisher’s certificate and medal they will be available from the registration desk.


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