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The Rotary Club of Shrewsbury Darwin is a breakfast club, we meet most Friday mornings from 7.00 to 8.30am. Rotary is local, national and global with 40,000 members in 1700 clubs in the UK alone. If you are interested in joining Rotary for fellowship and service use the Contact page to register your interest. We look forward to welcoming you.

Members volunteer their time and talents to tackle challenges at home and abroad:

  • Supporting Charitable Causes

  • Fighting Disease

  • Providing Clean Water

  • Supporting Education

  • Saving Mothers and Children

  • Growing Local Economies

  • Supporting the Environment

  • Promoting Peace

We are People of Action, ready to turn our ideas and vision into lasting change, by creating opportunities, supporting those who need it most and transforming their lives. There are many projects and activities for you to get involved in as part of Rotary. Our impact starts with you.

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